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Creating a Gifted Generation... 1 Parent, 1 Teacher, 1 Child at a Time!

IntelliBee® Education is revolutionizing parenting and education through it's groundbreaking method that finally provides a real solution to prevent problems and ensure the optimal development of every child from the beginning of life. 

With our groundbreaking system of innovative training programs for parents, homeschoolers and teachers and comprehensive curriculum offering educationally rich stimulation from pregnancy on, IntelliBee® has extended education beyond the walls of the classroom.  Putting the power back into the hands of parents from the most crucial years in a child's development, the result of IntelliBee® is a new generation of children who stand out for their exceptional confidence, intelligence, independence and joy. 

Designed for Both Home & School

Whether you are a parent who wants to feel secure you are doing the best for your child, a homeschooler wanting a complete curriculum that will ignitie his confidence as much as his intelligence with ease, or a teacher wanting a way to bring out the best in your students and create a harmonious, stimulating classroom environment where all kids are gifted, IntelliBee® can show you how. IntelliBee® is the only curriculum of its kind guiding parents, homeschoolers and teachers on how to easily establish intelligence, self-control and the habits of success.  A curriculum for all age stages, IntelliBee® is intended to be implemented from before birth taking advantage of the early years, the most influential time period in development when intelligenge and character are formed!  From here, the only place to go is up!

We welcome you to the world of IntelliBee®! It is our pleasure to serve as a guiding light for parents and teachers in their quest to raise children that are healthy and successful in every area of life.   

Institute for IntelliBee® Education NOW OPEN in North Miami!! 

Parent-Teacher Training Programs beginning soon! Click here for program information.

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11601 Biscayne Blvd.,Suite 201
Miami, FL 33181

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